GOOVIS Personal Theater

Enjoy an 800-inch HD Giant Screen – Anywhere – Anytime.

Advanced HD 4K Video

Bring the director’s vision to life.

• Adopt the world's leading exclusive Sony OLED micro display with a resolution of 1920x1080x2.

• Single-eye, full HD clarity.

• Theater grade experience with advanced technologies and picture performance.

FOV: 53 degrees
Response time < 0.01 ms
Refresh rate: 60Hz

Giant Screen

Theater-like viewing experience.

With our patented optics technologies, the GOOVIS G1 turns your personal theater into a razor-sharp 800-inch giant screen, which makes you feel like seated in the middle of an IMAX theater, dizziness-free, and fatigue-free. Whether it is for viewing or gaming, the GOOVIS G1 offers you an impressive visual impact.


Realistic 3D efffects with sharpness that is simply amazing.

With our Dual FHD micro-display & Nedoptics' unique image colour management technologies, the GOOVIS G1 offers you a more extraordinary 3D effect than you could see in any theater. More realistic, three-dimensional images & wide colour spectrums bring you a completly new level of real 3D stereo theater experience.

Eye Protection

No damages to your eyes.

No screen glare thanks to the immersive design.
The GOOVIS G1 utilizes an AMOLED screen, emitting much less high energy blue light when compared with LED-backlit LCDs.
The virtual screen is designed elaborately to be located at a distance of 66 feet (20 meters), helping your eyes to relax.

Easy to Use

Meets the needs of different eyesight prescriptions.

GOOVIS G1 enables you to enjoy watching movies without the need for glasses. Whether you are far-sighted or near-sighted, you can take off your glasses to enjoy super clear images and immerse yourself into your private virtual world.


Ultra-comfortable and portable.

Thanks to the lightweight design, the GOOVIS G1 offers easy viewing capabilities, while providing amazing comfort to users.
A very high quality, portable case is included. You can carry the G1 headset easily and enjoy watching large HD screen, 3D-format theater films whenever and wherever you like.


Enjoy unlimited mobile entertainment.

The GOOVIS G1 package comes with a complete battery operated entertainment control (OTT)
It offers users unlimited sources of entertainment, and content via Apps, Laptops, Gaming consoles (PS4 & Xbox), Thumbdrives, etc.

GOOVIS Controller


In Apr. 2017, won the TOP 10 VR Hardware Award and the Red Diamond Award in 2017 CITE.

In Dec. 2016, won the Second prize in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group in 1st Shenzhen International Fashion Industry Startup Contest.

In Dec. 2016, won the Second prize in the VR Session of 2016“Entrepreneurship Stars”China's New Media Startup Contest.

In Sep. 2016, won the Second prize in 2016 Shenzhen&Hongkong Youth Startup Contest.

In July 2016, awarded as the Company with the Most Investment Value in China's 2016 Capital Conference on Cultural Industries.

In Jan. 2016, won the Second prize in the 6th TEEC Cup North America Chinese Startup Contest in Silicon Valley.