Mobile 3D Cinema. Blu-ray Support

Incredible Cinema Experience

GOOVIS’ crystal clear imagery creates a truly immersive cinematic experience.
No matter you’re traveling, or stay at home,
you can enjoy yourself by viewing your favorite videos on a FHD large screen anywhere anytime.

Easy Access to Video and Game Content

Let you watch your favorite online streaming services, e.g YouTube, Netflix,
Amazon videos, movies, or connect to a game console e.g.
PS4, XBOX, to play your latest video game.

Point-to-point 3D Blu-ray Display

Equipped with the super image processor supporting 667MHz data frequency and bandwidth up to 10.672 Gbps,
the GOOVIS Pro provides point-to-point 3D Blu-ray display without loss,
with much clearer and more delicate image.

More Impressive 3D Experience

Unique 3D algorithm supports Blu-ray 3D video format,
and provides an incredible stereoscopic 3D experience —
more realistic, more stereo, more impressive.

Excellent Color Management System

Cooperate with SONY to work out the outstanding color management solution.
Viewers can enjoy images in rich colors, which look more vivid and life-like.

Impressive Image Quality

GOOVIS uses advanced Micro-OLED displays which has over 3000PPI (Pixels per inch),
delivering dual 1920*1080 resolution, ultra-high contrast ratio, and blistering fast image response time.
The display pairs the deep black and natural color of OLED for enhanced color contrast.
Everything you watch comes to life with fine detail and vivid color.

High Compatibility

GOOVIS Pro can support more video, audio and image formats now.
Especially the new video scaling algorithm to support video input formats
with various resolutions and in multiple formats.

Smart Display Mode Detection

The GOOVIS self-developed display mode auto-detection system offers very easy
and simple operation on switching between 2D video format,
3D Blu-ray video format and other 3D video formats.

Ergonomic Design and Portable

Advanced optics allows most eye glass wearers to use without their lenses;
and avoid eye fatigue and dizziness.
The patented ergonomic and compact design makes GOOVIS truly mobile
and provides hours of wearing comfort.

Your Perfect & Portable
3D Blu-ray Mobile Cinema

Now get your GOOVIS Pro and GOOVIS D3, enjoy 3D Blu-ray vision anywhere anytime.
Movies, videos, and images can be saved directly onto the GOOVIS D3 Portable Media Player,
which can play your media for up to 5 hours.